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Zoo is the only open roof venue in Malia giving you the full experience of dancing under the stars! Let the alcohol flow with our infamous cocktails and concoctions, and let your wild side out with the most electric atmosphere on the strip.
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  We have specially made VIP booths, each with their own TV screen, games console, internet access and sound system. 

As well as boosting the biggest project screen in Malia and 23 Flat screen TV's, we also feature Malia's only fully air conditioned cinema. Playing all the major sports.

We also feature a dance floor, big comfy chairs, 3 pool tables and don't forget to check out the poshist
toilets in Malia. Always kept to a high standard!
Check out the full BAR GALLERY...

If this is not enough proof that Zoo is an unmissable experience, then check out what our customers have said...
The best bar i have ever been in ...
I went to malia for a week and i spent every night in zoo. the drinks are very good and everybody has lots of fun. the staff are great and the music is to trust me. if you do go to malia again get to know zoe and dean there the best.
  David from Oxford  
the dogs bollox ...
This has to be the best place in malia bar far there's no where at all to compete with this place ! and its the only place you will find any decent music in regards to funky house as all the other places play the same shit night in night out so deffo go and check this place out
  Liam from Sheffield  
How great zoo bar is!!!!
I've been in bars all over the world but zoo bar is the best ever!!!!!!
They have the best bar staff, best pr's, best looking girls ever! and the music is banging! thanks for a great holiday
  Jamie from Leeds  
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